The leading Greek paint industry, with a history of 75+ years.

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About Vechro

Vechro is an established Greek paint industry, founded in 1948.

Its facilities in Petra Boiotias reach 9,000 square meters, on a privately owned plot of land of 26 acres, while the company’s headquarters are in Athens.

With over 110 certified products and a large sales network in Greece and abroad, it has won the trust of consumers for the high quality of its products and the excellent technical support it offers to its customers.

The Challenge

Vechro was looking for a reliable agency with experience in Drupal for the hosting, maintenance, optimization, expansion and technical support of its corporate website.

It is a website with several mechanisms and custom functions, such as:

  • content available in 9 languages,
  • “Decorate!” app where it allows you to decorate online the space you want with your favorite shade,
  • mechanism for calculating amount of color per surface,
  • sales network display function on Google Map
  • and many more!

The construction of the website was done by another company and this was a big challenge as we had to analyze and also understand how to implement each mechanism and function.

How We Worked

Our specialized Drupal website development team analyzed the entire website and compiled a website audit report with suggested changes and improvements.

For example:

  • custom modules rewrites with the aim of web performance and on page SEO optimization,
  • convert images to 3rd generation format (webp),
  • upgrades and creating patches for the subsequent transition to Drupal 10,
  • creation of a Drupal module for updating and introducing new registrations at the Points of Sale with features such as: multilingualism, custom validation, diff preview, etc.
  • Solr Apache search results optimization,
  • code cleanup, dead code removal – watchdog debug logs
  • and many, many more!

Thanks to our extensive experience and expertise in the Drupal platform since 2011, we managed to get all the work done in just 45 days.


See the performance before and after:

vechro website before optimization
vechro website after optimization

The website is now working smoothly providing a top navigation experience to users, loading in less than 1 second while enhancing Core Web Vitals and improving Page Speed ​​insights score, improved by 50 points.

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